a red squirrel looking down a camera perched on an oak tree

Welcome to Bronzeleaf

We are  Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery!

We are  Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery, a tree care and vegetation management company based in Horsham. Our highly trained and experienced team work all over the South East. We know how much problems with the trees or vegetation can affect your home, which is why we aim to provide unmatchable service every time. The protection of our client’s property is our top priority, which is why we offer a wealth of services to meet your needs. Seb Robinson, the Operations Director of the company, says he ‘takes great pride in Bronzeleaf’s ability to successfully deliver jobs on time and to a high standard for (our) clients.’ To look further into our services or get in contact you can find our website here.

a red squirrel looking down a camera perched on an oak tree
We are Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery!

Tree Surgeon Services

Here at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery, we offer a huge range of services. If you have a tree that is blocking out the light or otherwise being a nuisance, we can send you one our highly skilled team members. Tree felling in a residential area can be a dangerous job, so all our jobs are done by fully trained tree surgeon. They can be removed from the base, but for safety they are usually removed piece by piece. Trees are taken down as close to the ground as possible, or if you’d prefer, we can leave it as a taller stump to make a home for the natural wildlife on your property. Whatever you ask for, we’ll make sure that you’re happy with the result.

To improve the health of your trees we offer pruning and crown reduction services with our fully trained, Horsham-based team tree care professionals. This service reduces the height or spread the crown of a tree. By doing this we reduce mechanical stress on a tree, meaning that we can make it more suited to its environment and reduce the effects of light loss.

Professional Hedge Trimming Services

We also know that hedge trimming can be an urgent task that many people don’t have the tools or the time for in their busy everyday life. That’s why at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery we offer professional hedge cutting services. Using professional grade equipment, we can cater to any hedge size. Hedges can become unkempt and overgrown over time if not regularly trimmed, so no matter the size or placement of your hedge we can achieve your vision. We will also take all the hedge cuttings away with us, leaving you with a garden you can be proud of.

If you are interested in any of these services, want to view the full list or want to see our before and after photos, visit our website to arrange a quote.

Emergency Tree call outs

Do you have an urgent problem that needs taking care of? Don’t worry! We know that these situations are unpredictable, so we offer emergency callouts when damage has been caused in cases of extreme weather. During these times our Horsham-based team is on hand and ready to respond to your tree care needs at a moment’s notice. With this service we aim to take the extra stress out of your already busy life.

If you need an emergency call out, contact Max on 07845 369097.


Our team of fully trained, accredited, and insured Horsham-based tree surgeons come with years of experience to offer you the best service possible. They are out every day in the South East to make sure that you receive your service in a timely way to a very high standard. Our team takes immense pride in their work, meaning that you know you’ll be left with a result that you can be proud of too. You can contact the friendly and professional team via the contact page and they can arrange to give you a quote or discuss your requirements, with  absolutely no obligation.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in any of our services then get in touch today to arrange the first steps in making your garden something to be proud of. You can phone us on 07854 369097, or email us at info@bronzeleaf.co.uk.

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