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If you need quality tree surgery work done in Pulborough, then you can contact us with full confidence that we will provide a job well done. Keeping your trees well maintained is a matter of safety because loose branches can be real hazards to you and your property during extreme weather. Taking care of your trees also helps to keep them happy and healthy.

Why is it important to take care of your trees?

Having healthy, structurally sound trees in your garden can be very beneficial. During the stresses of day to day life, it is important to have somewhere you can fully unwind and relax. Having trees in your garden has been shown to improve your mental health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving your mood. Furthermore, a garden can be a great place to entertain- if you have other people seeing your garden, you’d want it to be somewhere to be proud of.

Healthy trees will attract native fauna, encouraging natural biodiversity to spread across your whole garden. They can also help reduce air pollution and improve air quality because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, reducing the greenhouse effect. Our team at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery can get your garden looking happy and healthy in no time with our wide range of services in Pulborough.

Hedge cutting

You may choose to have hedges in your garden as they have many benefits. They provide privacy and structure to any outdoor space and add extra greenery and places for local wildlife to live. Hedges can also help to capture air pollution and improve the local air quality by trapping dust particles in their leaves. Hedges can also offer a certain amount of protection during heavy rainfall that could potentially cause flooding. If you’re concerned about flooding, then hedges with large leaf surfaces have been shown the be the most effective in flood mitigation. Furthermore, hedges can offer a shield from loud noise- perfect for if you live on a busy road. Wide and tall hedges are best for this due to their large surface area.

Hedges are very important in supporting the local wildlife, particularly in very urban areas. How hedges can help wildlife are by creating shelter, nest sites, food resources (such as berries and flowers) and corridors for movement. If this is an important factor for you then it is best to choose a hedge that grows fruit or flowers, as this is particularly helpful for insects as they provide nectar and pollen. You can also attract this beneficial biodiversity to your garden by planting other insect and bird-friendly plants.

Since hedges are so beneficial to your garden, it is very important to keep them well maintained. If they’re not trimmed once or twice a year, they will become untidy and overgrown. This is because hedges contain plants that want to grow into trees, so to maintain your hedge this needs to be prevented. At Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery we offer our hedge cutting services in Pulborough and surrounding areas.

Emergency call outs

We understand that extreme weather situations can be unpredictable, which is why at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery we offer emergency call-out services in Pulborough. Fortunately, in the UK we don’t experience natural disasters such as hurricanes, but we do get storms that can be highly destructive. Here in the south of England, we do sometimes experience wind speeds of up to 70mph, a speed which can cause damage to your trees and possibly your property if they are not well taken care of. If you are found to be neglecting your tree and it then causes damage, you may be personally liable for any damage which may not be covered by your home insurance.

It is best to take care of your trees well to prevent them from becoming dangerous in extreme weather conditions through regular maintenance. It is of particular importance to ensure trees that are near any property are structurally sound as they can cause a lot of damage. The best way to prepare your tree for extreme weather is by contacting us at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery- we can reduce the height, size and density of the canopy to make it safer.

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