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We are tree surgeons based in Horsham, with many years of tree care experience and are proud to offer tree surgery services in Epsom

For the most part, trees are largely self-sufficient. However, trees do require professional care. At Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery, we provide an array of services and advice on caring for your trees in Epsom. At Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery, we understand that day to day life can get in the way of tree maintenance. That's why we are here to help. From a one-time Tree Maintenance visit, to a Planned Tree Maintenance Contract, we have a service to suit your needs and your budget. Our highly trained professionals can deal with any issue you have and are always happy to help!


Honey Fungus

Fungi can be massively harmful to the health of your trees. If not taken care of, these things can spread quickly across the rest of your garden and other nearby wildlife. Fungi can cause a wide variety of problems for your trees, including discoloration, rotting, and even death. It's important to protect your trees from fungi, the best way to do that is hiring a tree surgeon. At Bronzeleaf, our tree surgeons have the experience and knowledge to take care of this kind of problem quickly and effectively.

Honey Fungus can be one of the most dangerous fungi that can be found in Epsom. Honey fungus kills roots and prevents trees from absorbing water and nutrients from the ground. Whilst this happens underground, be sure to look out for honey-coloured toadstools growing around the tree, pale, small leaves in spring, or bleeding at the base of the tree trunk and stump. If you notice these and are based in Epsom, give our professionals at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery a call.


Tree Pruning & Crown Reduction

At Bronzeleaf, we know that maintaining your tree's structural integrity it crucial for allowing your tree to thrive. Hence, we provide various tree pruning services to suit your needs. Tree Pruning is the process of selectively removing dead or weak branches in order to improve its stability or appearance. Tree Pruning is carried out for a variety of reasons. This process may be used to remove unsafe dead or broken branches before they fall off the tree and cause damage or injury. It helps to improve a tree's structure, increase its size and encourage regrowth.

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At Bronzeleaf, we also undertake Crown Reduction. Tree crown reduction is the process of selectively reducing the size of an over-mature tree’s canopy, which opens up its centre to allow more light and air through. This is often undertaken on trees that have become overgrown or intertwined with other trees. Crown Reduction reduces the shape of the tree and encourages it to flourish by itself and maintain its beautiful shape and structure. This also boosts the structural integrity of the tree, making it much safer to be near your tree and enjoy it.

If you are based in Epsom and require our tree surgery services, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today. You can call us on 07854 369097 or get a quote.

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