Tree Surgery in Godalming

We are tree surgeons based in Horsham, with many years of tree care experience and are proud to offer tree surgery services in Godalming.

Our tree surgery service in Godalming ensures that your tree is healthy, well-maintained, and appropriate for the location of your property. We also provide general tree maintenance services including tree trimming, tree removal/relocation, stump grinding and hedge cutting.

At Bronzeleaf, we understand that our clients take pride in their properties which is why we take pride in providing tree care services to suit all budgets and requirements. Trees not only make your garden look beautiful, but they can enhance your mental health. Being around trees and nature reduces stress and promotes well-being. Having trees in your garden can also help you save money on energy bills. Trees are the perfect way to keep your house cool in the summer by providing shade, but also protect your home from cold winds in the wintertime, allowing you to spend less on heating your home. Additionally, large, well-established trees can increase the value of your property by 10-20%. Which means maintaining healthy trees is crucial.


Tree Pruning & Crown Reduction

Tree pruning is a process that can often go unnoticed, but it is an important part of maintaining healthy trees. If not pruned properly, trees becoming overgrown can endanger their long-term health. Pruning or crown reduction is required as it is important to ensure that your tree it is not endangering your own or your neighbour's safety.

Tree pruning consists of selectively removing broken or dead branches from your tree. This process encourages new and healthy growth, giving the tree a full and strong appearance. Tree pruning also reduces the tree's weight and its ability to withstand harsh winds and weather, ensuring that your tree stands for a long time.

Tree crown reduction consists of selectively removing branches to reduce the size of the canopy without damaging its shape. Crown reduction is healthy for overgrown trees or those that have grown into each other as it enables them to grow independently, increasing their strength and hardiness. Crown reduction not only improves the appearance of your tree, but maintains their health and strength, keeping you safe.


Stump Grinding

Stump grinding consists of removing a stump left behind from a fallen or removed tree. Tree stumps can become a real hazard, so it is important to remove them as soon as possible. They can become a trip hazard to people, as well as potentially causing injury due to sharp pieces of bark. As stumps are left, they begin to rot. This attracts pests and fungi that can damage the rest of your garden and property, so it is important to remove the stump. Additionally, tree stumps in the middle of your garden can cause a serious obstruction. They become an inconvenience when mowing your lawn and maintaining other aspects of your garden, so whilst this is not dangerous, it is certainly an important part of enjoying your garden. If you live in Godalming area and require tree-stump removal, please call our friendly and experienced team.


Emergency Call Outs

Whilst the UK experiences vastly mild weather, severe winds and rain can damage and bring down trees. We understand that this is an unexpected event and are on call for quick call outs in emergencies. Damaged trees have the potential to cause serious damage to yours or your neighbours' properties, so it is important to spot signs early. In the case of emergency, Bronzeleaf are always on hand to remove your tree safely and quickly. We also help you maintain other trees on your property to avoid further damage to your home and garden.

Whilst it is unlikely, there is never any guarantee that trees will withstand severe weather. So, if you are in the Godalming area and in need of our services, give us a call on 07854 369097.

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