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We are tree surgeons based in Horsham, with many years of tree care experience and are proud to offer tree surgery services in Godalming.

Trees provide your garden with a lovely natural landscape that you can be proud to show to guests. Trees are an important part of the environment, and it's vital to make sure they're healthy and well-maintained. At Bronzeleaf, we offer tree surgery services to clients in Redhill, and help you take care of your trees.

Having trees in your garden is not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can also save you money on your energy bills. During the summertime, they can provide shade to your home. They also protect your home from harsh and cold winds in winter. Not only do trees look beautiful in your garden, but they also provide benefits to the rest of your plants. Treescreate a microclimate in your garden, which in turn helps to protect and nurture the plants around them. Trees are a valuable part of the environment, and it's important to make sure that they're healthy and well-maintained.


Crown Reduction and Tree Pruning

In short, crown reduction is a method of tree pruning that's used to reduce the height and spread of the crown. The goal is to make the tree more suited to its environment. That means keeping it out of power lines, or preserving its natural shape. Crown reduction can also help to increase the structural integrity of your tree. This is because it removes excess weight from the branches, which can make them more susceptible to damage during extreme weather conditions.

Tree pruning is an important part of regular tree maintenance. It removes dead or broken branches, encourages new and healthy growth, and gives the tree a clean and polished look. Furthermore, regular tree pruning also gives the tree a good foundation for its long-term health. By removing dead or broken branches, you're preventing the tree from becoming weakened and vulnerable to disease or pests. You're also encouraging new and healthy growth, which will help the tree to thrive for years to come. To ensure your tree is well-maintained, call our tree surgeons in Redhill today!


Stump Grinding

If you have a stump left over from a removed or fallen tree, our team at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery can help remove it. You may consider stump removal to be low on your list of priorities, but experts say that they should be removed as soon as possible. Not only can they ruin the aesthetics of your garden, but they can also be a hazard if they are not removed properly. Additionally, rotting stumps can attract unwanted pests and fungus, which can damage the rest of your garden.

We offer stump grinding and tree surgery services to clients in Redhill and the surrounding area.


If you are based in Redhill and require any of our services, contact us or call us on 07854 369097 for a quote or to find out more.

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