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Did you know how having healthy and well-maintained trees on your property can benefit you in Chichester?

If you're living in Crawley or the surrounding areas, and you need a team of tree specialists to take care of all your tree care needs, then Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery are the people for you. With years of experience in the industry, we can cater to all your tree surgery needs - whether it's pruning, trimming or complete removal. Get in touch today for a free quote!


Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and tree pruning are two different services that are often confused for one another. The main purpose of tree trimming is to take care of the aesthetic of the tree by maintaining its shape and size. This process involves thinning out broken or dead branches to encourage future growth. Tree pruning is the process of removing dead or diseased branches from a tree in order to improve the overall health of the tree. The main purpose of tree pruning is to remove dead or diseased branches from a tree in order to improve the overall health of the tree and protect against pests.


Stump Grinding & Removal

When a tree is removed, it leaves behind a stump that requires separate removal. Tree stumps should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent them from becoming an eyesore or a safety hazard. Bronzeleaf offer comprehensive stump grinding services in Crawley that will quickly and efficiently remove any tree stump.

Over time, stumps rot and attract unwanted pests which could spread to the rest of your garden. By removing the stump quickly, you'll not only improve the look of your garden but also prevent any potential damage to your plants. Additionally, stumps can also be a safety hazard with bits of sharp wood sticking out. It is important to remove a stump as quickly as possible, especially when you have children playing in your garden. Stumps can also make your garden look unsightly and get in the way. This can prevent you from doing work in your garden, thus hindering you from enjoying it properly. Whilst it can be tempting to bury a small stump, we always recommend removing it. At Bronzeleaf, we can remove and grind any stump quickly and safely in Crawley, allowing you to enjoy your garden as much as possible.


Tree Felling & Removal

No matter how well you take care of your trees, there comes a time where every tree needs removing. Tree felling and removal is a dangerous task and should only be done by professionals. At Bronzeleaf, we have the experience and equipment necessary to safely remove any tree, regardless of its size or location.

At times, Crawley can experience severe weather conditions. High winds and rain can damage your tree and its branches, causing it to pose a threat to you and your family's safety. We can remove your tree quickly and safely, making sure your family and property stay safe. In busier areas, we will perform sectional felling. This process of cutting the tree in stages is slower, however it is far safer. In open areas, straight felling is possible. We cut the tree trunk at its base and cause it to fall. While this is quicker, it is more dangerous and can cause more damage to the surrounding area. At Bronzeleaf, we always undertake a safety assessment prior to any work. This ensures that any work we undertake is performed safely and effectively.


If you are based in Crawley and require any of our services, contact our experts today. Alternatively, explore our website to learn more about our services, and call us on 07854 369097.

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