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Did you know how having healthy and well-maintained trees on your property can benefit you in Hassocks?

If you have trees in your garden in Hassocks, you may think that they are largely self-sufficient. While this is true in part, it is important to have your trees professionally taken care of to maintain their health and beauty. When trees are not properly taken care of, they can become dangerous or attract pests that could affect the rest of your garden. Fortunately, we at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery understand that day to day life can get in the way of tree maintenance, which is why we are here to help. We offer professional and quality advice to take away the stress of what could be an impossible and overwhelming task. With our years of experience and highly trained, friendly team, we are the best tree surgery company for you.



The benefits of having trees in your garden

There are many ways that having happy and healthy trees in your garden in Hassocks can be beneficial to you. Studies suggest that just looking at trees reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and improve your mood and mental health. Everyone needs a space in which they can fully relax and get away from the business of everyday life, a garden is just that. Gardens can be a space to spend important family time or entertain guests. If your garden is on show, it needs to look tidy and a space to be proud of.

Established and mature trees have been shown to add between 10 and 20% to the value of your property. This is because it makes your property seem more unique and stand out to buyers. Mature trees help to enrich the nearby soil with nutrients, which helps to benefit other plants in your garden. Furthermore, they help to improve the landscape of a property. It can also increase privacy, another positive factor for many buyers. However, if a tree is not well maintained it can do the opposite and decrease the value of your property. Healthy trees will attract native fauna, encouraging natural biodiversity to spread across your whole garden. Due to these reasons, it is extremely important to keep your trees well maintained.


Tree pruning and crown reduction

Tree pruning in Hassocks is important to maintain the health of your trees. At Bronzeleaf, we remove the dead or dying branches, therefore helping to prevent pests and diseases. We also remove loose branches that could become dangerous during extreme weather conditions.

We also do crown reduction on trees to reduce the height and spread of the crown. This makes the tree better suited to its environment and reducing the effects of shading and light loss. This process helps reduce the height of an overgrown tree and reshape the crown to look more pleasing while keeping its natural shape. Crown reduction can also help increase the structural integrity of a tree. This means it is safe to be near your property during times of extreme weather.

Crown thinning is where we remove a portion of the smaller branches. This allows more light and nutrients to get to the leaves, meaning that the remaining branches can grow healthily. When a tree is healthy it can also benefit the plants and grass growing underneath.


Honey fungus

Fungi is massively harmful to the health of your trees. If not taken care of, these things can spread quickly across the rest of your garden and other nearby wildlife. One of the most destructive fungal diseases found in the UK is honey fungus and is something to keep an eye out for in Hassocks. Honey fungus kills off root systems, meaning that the affected trees can’t absorb water and nutrients. It is not always easy to spot because it lives underground, but there are a few signs to keep an eye out for. You may see honey-coloured toadstools growing at the bottom of a tree or stump, as these are the fruiting body of the fungus. The leaves may fail to grow in the spring, or they may be smaller and paler than they should be. You may also see cracking and bleeding at the bottom of the tree or stump. Our team at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery are experienced in identifying different tree diseases and fungi and can advise on the best course of action for your trees.


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