A pruned hedge in blue sky

Servicing Your Hedge

Hedge trimming is a necessary part of keeping your garden healthy. Overgrown, unkempt hedges not only look bad, but they can also crowd out flowers and other plants in the ground below them. If you notice that your hedge is becoming overgrown, don’t panic, at Bronzeleaf, we’ve got you covered with our various hedge services!

A pruned hedge in blue sky
Bronzeleaf Hedge Services

Benefits of hedges in gardens

Aside from looking beautiful, hedges can offer many benefits to you and your garden. Hedges can also play a role in capturing air pollution and are effective in improving the local air quality by catching dust particles with their leaves and absorbing CO2.

Hedges can also protect your garden from serious weather. With heavy rainfall becoming more prevalent, a hedge can become the perfect way to protect your garden. Evergreen hedges provide a barrier from severe winds with their leaves year-round. But hedges also absorb water through their roots and leaves, preventing flooding and protecting other plants.

A well-maintained hedge can provide an aesthetically pleasing barrier to the elements and protect your garden, so it is important to care for it. Our hedge services support you in caring for your hedge and protecting your whole garden.


Why it’s important to cut your hedges

Hedges that are not trimmed once or twice a year can become unsightly and too tall. This can make your property look untidy and can also prevent sunlight from reaching your windows or garden, potentially harming other plants. Hedges contain plants that want to grow into trees, so caring for your hedge is crucial. When taken care of, hedges can last far longer than fences, providing you a cost-effective and beautiful solution for privacy and protection of your garden.

At Bronzeleaf, our hedge services and support can ensure your hedge is maintained and last for a long time!


How to Care for Your Hedges

While our hedge services certainly help, you can maintain your hedge in other ways as well.

Weeding around the base of your hedge is important. This creates space for your hedge’s roots to grow, helping your hedge last longer. Weeding should be done as often as possible to avoid weeds overcrowding the area and preventing your hedge from growing.

Care for the soil around your hedge regularly. In summer, the soil can become very dry and in winter, freezing temperatures can cause the soil to harden and split. Maintaining the soil around your hedge’s roots is crucial as it allows them to grow and get as many nutrients from the ground as possible. This strengthens your hedge’s foundations and ensures it lasts for longer.

Hedges require watering regularly, particularly younger hedges that are growing. We recommend that you water your hedge twice a week, with approximately 5 litres of water per metre of hedge. Avoid watering in bright and hot weather to avoid water evaporating off the soil or reflecting light and bleaching the leaves, altering your hedge’s appearance.


When to trim your hedge

Hedges are often dormant during the winter, this is the best time to trim them. Trim your hedge before new buds appear, as damaged buds take longer to re-grow. Flowering hedges should be trimmed as soon as possible after flowers turn brown and die. This gives new buds plenty of time to grow in the Spring. Evergreen hedges should be trimmed in early spring, just before they begin to grow.

Our hedge services include advice and support on how and when to trim your hedge, so feel free to get in touch or explore our website.

At Bronzeleaf, we offer hedge services for all types of hedge. Our team are experts and would be happy to provide support, advice and discuss your personal requirements for your hedge  Explore our website to learn more, or call us on 07854 369097.


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