a green leylandii tree

Shaping Leylandii Trees

At Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery, we are experts in cutting, pruning, and maintaining trees. Whilst some things require a tree surgeon, there are many things that you can do yourself. So, we ensure that our customers are as well informed as possible on what they can do to help their trees. Today, we discuss caring for and shaping leylandii trees.

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a green leylandii tree
How to Shape Your Leylandii

Trimming and Shaping Leylandii Trees

Leylandii trees are popular for their fast growth and evergreen nature. While they are easy to care for, shaping them into the desired form is important. You can begin to trim your trees as soon as you’ve planted them remove any branches that are too high or long and this will encourage shoots to grow within your ideal shape. When they reach around 6 feet high, you will need to begin shaping your leylandii trees into their final form. This can be done with sheers, a handsaw or electric saw, but take care to avoid damaging the tree’s trunk. Remove any branches that are not needed and shape the tree as desired.

When the tops of the trees get to about six inches from your desired height, trim the tops, which will thicken out the width. You may also need to remove some branches that are not needed in order to keep the tree looking neat and tidy. Generally, you will only need to trim this once a year, but obviously every tree is different. There is no harm in trimming and shaping your leylandii trees every few months as they are evergreen and can grow year-round.

Watering Leylandii Trees

Leylandii trees do not require much water – in fact, they can actually be quite drought tolerant. However, it is still important to water them regularly when young, the older the tree the less watering it requires.  In its first years once a week during summer is usually adequate.

If you are planting Leylandii trees between November and February, they will need less water. However, if you are planting them in spring or summer, they will obviously require more. In the early stages, leylandii trees will need regular watering. However, they’ve gone through one growing season, their roots will have extended enough so that they won’t need additional help from your garden hose. Check the moisture level of the soil – if it is still moist, then it doesn’t need water.

You’ll probably find that new Leylandii trees need a good watering once or twice weekly, but obviously this depends on your weather and soil type. Make sure the soil is moist before you water the tree. You can do this by sticking your finger in the ground a few inches below the surface. We recommend that you hose the soil around the root until the water starts to run off. Then proceed to move onto the next trees. You must wait for the water to sink into the soil before repeating this process up to 3 or 4 times. This ensures that the water gets into the soil and the roots underground, and prevents it from flooding.

Too Much or Too Little Water?

If your Leylandii tree are getting too dry, you will first see the leaves turn yellow. If it is not given any water, the leaves will then turn brown before the tree dies. On the other hand, if they are getting too wet, you will also see the leaves turn yellow before browning. It is important to monitor how the water is being absorbed by the soil. If it is simply sitting on top of hard soil, break it up using a trowel or shovel to create space in the ground for water to reach the roots. Alternatively, if the soil is soaking up the water but seems particularly wet, we recommend using less water to avoid drowning the tree.

Why Bronzeleaf?

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