Professional Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Professional tree stump removal

Everyone has that long list of jobs that there never seems to be time to complete. If you have a tree stump on your property that you just never get around to sorting out, we at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery can help. We offer professional tree stump removal using modern and efficient machinery, meaning that we can keep the amount of ground disturbance low. Our professional and fully insured team of tree surgeons are based in Horsham and service surrounding areas. With over ten years of experience in this service, we are the best choice for all your tree surgery needs.

Stump Grinding and Removal Services
Why might you need our stump grinding service?

Why might you need our stump grinding service? 

You may think that grinding down a tree stump should be low on your list of priorities, but experts say that it should be removed. You could leave it to rot over time, but this looks unsightly and could attract unwanted pests and fungus. Sometimes they need to be removed for renovation or building reasons, but they can also be a safety hazard. Tree stumps can often be just the right size and height to cause a tripping hazard. They can also have sharp bits of bark sticking out which can pose a real risk if someone was to fall on them. Stumps are often in inconvenient places and take up space that could be put to good use, particularly when space is already limited. They can get in the way when cutting the lawn or doing other work in the garden. Tree stumps can also look odd and out of place, so removing a stump can improve the look of your garden.

Leaving a tree stump alone can affect the rest of your garden- over time, the stump will start to rot and attract pests like termites or carpenter ants. These insects will eventually spread to the other plants in your garden and possibly into your home. If the stump is small it may be tempting to bury it, but this is a bad idea because it will still rot underground, which could affect any nearby structures. They can sometimes even cause sinkholes to form in the ground above them which can catch people unaware. The best course of action is to have the stump professionally removed, which is where our service at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery comes in.

It is sometimes tempting to hire equipment and do the job yourself, but this is a dangerous thing to do. If they are used incorrectly, they can cause serious injury or death. Rented stump grinders are also smaller and more lightweight, meaning that it takes more time and effort for you. There is also no guarantee that rented equipment will be strong enough to handle your stump, and there is no way to know if the equipment is in good working order or how often it is maintained. Some websites may suggest burning the stump, but this rarely fixes the problem and is also very dangerous, especially if near a property. Our team is qualified, experienced and fully insured, so we can ensure a job well done. We carry our own protective equipment to protect against any debris that may be hiding in the ground. We are also fully insured in the unlikely case of accidental damage.


What does our stump removal service involve?

We will assess the best way to remove your tree stump depending on its size and placement. Using our professional-grade equipment we can access any area, even places that are well hidden or down narrow passages. Our team of tree surgeons near you are experienced in all aspects of stump removal, meaning that we will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your tree stump. We remove all tree stumps to well below ground level and ensure that the root system is dead, preventing any chance of re-growth. No matter the size, we will remove your stump with low disturbance to the ground.

Depending on the stump, it will either be removed in one piece or ground up by a stump grinder. A stump grinder chews at the stump and turns it into wood chips by using a powerful, rotating blade that rips into the wood. One of our team of professional tree surgeons guides the blade over the stump, taking it down well below ground level with minimal disturbance to the ground. We will remove all chips as part of our service.

Several factors can impact how long it takes to complete our service. The number of stumps must be considered, and how big those stumps are can also make an impact. We can deal with any access issues, but we do require different machinery if the stump is in an awkward spot, which will add time to the service. If there are obstacles or hazards within a metre, such as steps, walls or drainpipes, they will also add time to the service. It is also best to let us know if you have any plans with the area of removal so that we can advise you on the best course of action using our many years of stump removal experience.

Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery prides itself in providing a service that leaves our customers completely happy with the work carried out. Our team of fully qualified, trained and insured professionals will leave the area clean and tidy and take away any mess that may come with the stump grinding process, making our service convenient and hassle-free. One stump could take anywhere between fifteen minutes and two hours plus to remove, but we will be able to advise you on how long we expect it to take on our site visit. We are available six days a week, meaning that we can arrange a convenient time for you.

What does our service involve?

Honey Fungus

Honey fungus is one of the most destructive fungal diseases in the UK and something to keep an eye out for when it comes to your garden. In some cases, their underground networks can cover several miles and live for up to a thousand years! This is because they can live on decaying matter- they do not need to keep their hosts alive to keep living. They kill off root systems, meaning that the trees it attaches to can’t absorb water and nutrients. The honey fungus will use the stump as a food source and can attack other trees and woody plants nearby, but it won’t attack everything as some plants are resistant to it. The fungus is usually found in trees that are already weak.

Honey fungus is not always easy to identify because it grows underground. However, there are signs that you can keep an eye out for. You may see honey-coloured toadstools growing at the bottom of a tree or stump, as these are the fruiting body of the fungus. The leaves may fail to grow in the spring, or they may be smaller and paler than they should be. You may also see cracking and bleeding at the bottom of the tree or stump.

You may be concerned for the welfare of your garden if you spot the signs of honey fungus- that’s where we come in. Honey fungus cannot survive in soil without its host, meaning that the best course of action is to call in our professional services and have all infected material removed. It is always better to prevent rather than treat a problem, so if you have a stump in your garden, it is best to have us remove it as quickly as possible.


What stump removal equipment do we use?

 A stump grinder is a powerful machine that looks a bit like a small lawnmower. It makes stump removal very easy indeed. They are specially designed to roll up to the stump and grind it into small pieces for easier removal. There are several types of stump grinders, and they all serve their purpose. For smaller jobs, there are more lightweight grinders and more powerful grinders for larger stumps and trickier placements. Every tree stump is different, and we will assess exactly what equipment is required to remove it.

There are hand guided grinders that are small and lightweight enough to fit in the back of a truck, making them the most portable. Alternatively, rear hitch stump grinders can be attached to the back of a truck and are then steered into place on the job site. Riding grinders look similar to a ride-on lawnmower, with someone controlling it from a seat on the back. Skid stump grinders have track treads a bit like a tank. They’re driven from behind and are used where the ground is soft to avoid churning up soil or turf. Stump removers are different to stump grinders, as a stump remover is bored down into a stump from above, removing the stump and the root system below. Each one is specifically designed for its purpose, and our experienced team knows what equipment is best suited to each job.

If you need our services, please call us on 07854 369097. To look at our full range of Horsham based services, please view the rest of our website.

A stump grinder is a powerful machine that looks a bit like a small lawnmower

Customer Focused

Bronzeleaf prides itself in providing a service that leaves our customers completely happy with the work carried out, including leaving the area tidy after completion.

Fully Insured

Bronzeleaf operates across the South East of the UK, with work completed by fully qualified, trained and insured professionals who hold City & Guilds and CSCS accreditation. The Bronzeleaf Group are based in Horsham, West Sussex and we are Fully Insured and NPTC Qualified.

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