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What you need to know about vegetation management

During the rush of everyday life, it is easy to forget about vegetation management. Vegetation management covers many of the services that we provide here at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgeons, including tree felling, pollarding and removal. Our professional team are fully qualified and insured, meaning that you can trust us to get the job completed to a high standard. We take pride in our company’s ability to complete jobs safely, in good time and to the highest standards.

Tree Removal After - Bronzeleaf Tree Surgeons
Bronzeleaf Tree Surgeons – Tree Removal

Tree pruning and crown reduction

Tree pruning is a very important part of our vegetation management services. This helps to maintain your tree’s health and influences the way your tree grows. It also helps to keep your trees happy and healthy. The reason for crown reduction is to reduce the height and spread of the crown. It helps to reduce the effects of  light loss and reduces the effects of mechanical stress on the tree. Crown reduction also increases the structural integrity of a tree, making it safer during incidents of extreme weather.

Crown thinning is when a portion of the smaller branches are removed. One reason for this would be to remove any insects or diseases which may harm the tree over time. It also allows more light and nutrients to get to the leaves, meaning that the remaining branches can grow healthily. This helps the overall health of the tree and can benefit the health of the grass and plants growing underneath.

Tree pollarding

Another part of our vegetation management services is tree pollarding. This is a tree pruning method that restricts the natural growth of trees and shrubs. It is used to prevent trees and shrubs from outgrowing their space and reduces the shade cast by a tree. It may also be needed in built-up areas to prevent contact between the tree and electric wires or streetlights and buildings.

This must be done by professional tree surgeons, which is where our team at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgeons come in. Trees that are pollarded at a young age may live longer than trees that are left to grow naturally. Tree pollarding also makes the trees in question safer- it lowers the risk of falling branches, rotting deadwood and fruits, all of which may cause someone injury if they were to fall. It can also reduce the volume and spread of leaves and debris.

Tree felling and removal

As trees get older, there are many reasons that they may need removing. Sometimes it is obvious when this time has come, such as if the tree is dead or showing signs of decay. It may have been damaged in extreme weather and become dangerous, particularly if it has leaned in the direction of your house, driveway, or other such areas. However, sometimes it is less obvious when a tree needs removing, such as when they get diseases causing structural decay. Other problems include if there are cracks in the trunk, if the tree is too large for its location or if there is significant overcrowding among trees on your property. Our team at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgery are trained in all parts of tree removal, from spotting problems with the tree to removing it safely and efficiently.

Hedge cutting

Another part of our vegetation management services is hedge cutting. Hedges provide privacy and extra greenery to any garden, as well as proving other benefits such as noise reduction and flood mitigation. When not well maintained, hedges can become overgrown and untidy. Furthermore, when a hedge is not maintained properly it can start to look unsightly. They may also get in people’s way if the hedge is next to a public pavement.

Hedges are very beneficial in many ways- they improve the local air quality and protect wildlife. Hedges can help wildlife by creating shelter, nest sites, food resources (such as berries and flowers) and corridors for movement. They also offer some noise protection, which is great if you live next to a busy road. If this is something you want, it is best to pick a hedge with leaves with a large surface area and a dense canopy. Therefore, you must have your hedges maintained by our professional and qualified team at Bronzeleaf Tree Surgeons.

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